Whew, it has been a long ten months. We have been like little squirrels bustling away in preparation for winter in our office. Only, we’re not going into hibernation. Oh no, no. Our busiest season has arrived. And, this year, we are more than ready.

The New Website is Here!!

Take ahold of the glory surrounding your screen as you read through this article. Finally, after months, upon months of waiting, Digital Converters' brand spanking new website has arrived! We’ve got fancy new fonts, retro colours and puns galore. 

What’s more?

You can see our darling little faces! Get to know more about the people you are sending your memories to on the Our Story page. 

Or, learn more about analogue media on our blog page. We have a great range of articles for you to peruse - from articles exploring the beginning of cinema to learning about the new music genre ‘Synthwave’.

Join Our Mailing List and Save Money

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. Soon, we won’t be able to escape the holiday. So? Why not put your right leg forward and get ahead of the game?

Our mailing list offers discounts to our loyal customers. If you want a very cheeky, very exclusive deal on Black Friday, then sign yourself up today. It only takes a minute and will save you a tremendous amount of money when using Digital Converters for all your family’s Christmas gifts.

Live Locally? Save Yourself Postage

We are aware of the HGV driver crisis happening in the UK. As such, we are offering you the choice to drop off and collect your media at our office to help ensure you get your Christmas order back in time.

Our office is located at Barker Business Park, just off the A1 near Ripon. If you live locally and would like the chance to speed up your conversion, then call us today to arrange to drop off your media.*

*Please be aware that you will need to make an order online before coming to our office. In addition, you will need to bring your order number with you to begin the conversion process.

Our Office’s New Expansion

This last news is a little less exciting for you than it is for me… Nevertheless, we have expanded our office! (That exclamation point still not making you excited?)

As I currently write, the office is echoing with the sound of hammers and drilling as electricians are adding electricity to our new outdoor office. This new office will give us the much-needed space to expand our photo department.

If you want to add more work to our photo department (and trust me, they have no excuse not to take it now), visit our photo digitising page.