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Ah, Spring. How we have missed you. Now the sun is shining and spring cleaning is over, we are working towards new beginnings at Digital Converters.

Our Team Is Blossoming

With fresh starts in the air, we have welcomed four new talented staff to our team over the last month. We are incredibly proud of our video technicians who have helped our conversion team grow with their knowledge and ideas.

Ding Dong, The Wedding Bells Are Ringing

There is no better way to celebrate new beginnings than with wedding videos! Weddings are one of our most popular videos to be digitised. Whether a film transfer from the 1940s or a 90’s Hindu marriage on VHS to DVD, we have seen and adore them all.

If you are interested in the history of filming weddings, we have a fascinating article you can read to help you get into that romantic mood. Also, stay tuned for our new blog post coming out this month on the best anniversary presents to buy your partner in 2021!

Alternatively, if you have an anniversary coming up (or know someone who does), get your video digitised using our promo code: 25OFF. We also offer gift cards for those of you who are tight on time.

 Want a Bigger Discount?

Join our mailing list to be the first to know of new promotions and larger discounts. Currently, you can receive a 35% discount on your order if you have subscribed to our emails.

Digital Converter’s mailing list also offers you the chance to be heard. Recently, you may have received an email asking you to fill out a survey on our new cloud platform. We want to hear your opinion on how a new cloud service can easily help you preserve your memories. Thank you to everyone who has already completed the survey!

New Beginnings = A New Look.

A new cloud platform is not the only change we are planning to make. Soon, we will have a completely new look on our website!

Following on from previous newsletters, I am proud to announce that we have chosen a new look for our company and are now creating a fresh logo.

The daffodils are blooming, the lambs are playing and lockdown is finally beginning to ease. At last, it is time to spring clean your house for friends and family visiting. With cleaning on the mind, here’s how our team are busily preparing for the country’s tape clear-out.

Special Offers And Discounts

We will be offering some fantastic discounts to help you digitise and clear out your large tape collections this spring. If you haven’t already, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or subscribe to our mailing list to keep up to date with our latest discounts.

Order Tracking

How our tracking page looks ahead of spring clean
In February’s newsletter, we mentioned our new and improved tracking system to keep customers informed about their orders. It is great to announce that this new system is now fully in place and we have had an incredibly positive response from customers. 

The tracking system gives you the chance to see how your media is progressing in our warehouse.

If you have recently made an order with DC, keep an eye out for a tracking email in your inbox.

New Online Store

In response to customer problems and queries about our website, we have been building and improving a new design for our online store. Our aim is to make our services simpler and clearer to use so you know exactly what you’re ordering.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for previews of our new webstore!

Turnaround Times

After Mother’s Day, we have been really busy at DC – and unfortunately our turnaround time is slower than we would like.

Currently, small videotape orders are taking around 1 to 3 weeks and larger tape orders are closer to 4 to 6 weeks. Photos, cine film and audio orders are taking around 3 to 4 weeks, but larger orders may take longer.

If you are planning on digitising your tapes as part of your spring clean, check out our latest turnaround times on our FAQ page.

DC’s business grew massively in 2020, thanks in no small part to the increased time we’ve all spent at home. Lockdown boredom certainly set in for me as I found myself digging out all sorts of old stuff from boxes just to pass the time.

And, I wasn’t the only one having a big clear out. Team DC had converted a colossal 150,000 hours of memories for our amazing customers! To put it another way, we had converted a total of 6250 days of footage. This is double the amount of footage sent in from 2019.

Gift Cards

DC are now offering gift cards in case you missed it! You can now ease any time pressure for ensuring your digitised gifts are returned in time by buying a gift card. Make it easy for your special someone to preserve their memories forever by gifting a voucher for the amount of your choice. 

The power is now in the giftee’s hands to choose which memories they would like to relive again!

DC Gets a Backstage Pass

It’s clear that legacy formats are still of interest today and that Digital Converters are trusted by the very best. We converted the behind-the-scenes footage for the trailblazing pop singer Raye this last month.

Check out the behind-the-scenes clips here, and have a look at the official music video here. The music video and song are proving to be popular, with the video currently standing at almost 3 million views since being released in January 2021!

Mothers’ Day

Mothers Day is on the horizon. Gift your own mother with your favourite memories of the past by getting your childhood tapes or reels converted. To help you celebrate this day, we have a tasty 25% off discount code to get yours (or your parents’) tapes converted. Just enter “25OFF” at checkout.

Alternatively, why not treat them to one of our new gift cards? An easy way to ensure your mum receives a gift on time!

What’s in Store for 2021?

2021 continues to be a busy time for us – we have already converted around 20,000 hours of footage this year alone!

We are planning some big improvements this year in order to increase our efficiency and handle even busier workloads. We have already brought in some improved systems for keeping you updated on your orders. 

To keep up-to-date on what’s happening in our busy little warehouse follow us on social media:




Okay, let’s be frank. 2020 has been an unfathomable year for every single one of us. Yet, we can only be thankful at Digital Converters for the support we have received from all our customers.

Now, dare I mention the elephant in the room?

What began as a normal year at DC, quickly became the busiest due to C*****virus.

The first Lockdown brought a flurry of orders due to an influx of spare time and spring cleaning across the country. Everyone suddenly had the time to clear out their cupboards and organise their old, deteriorating tape collections. Within a month of Lockdown, our warehouse became a beautifully organised mess of customer orders, PPE, and socially distanced staff members.

By the end of 2020, the number of orders from customers had grown by 60% compared to the previous year. A humungous growth in business and we thought you would like to be updated on how our company has improved through the last year.

Introducing online order tracking:

One of the best achievements in 2020 was working with 56 Degrees to create an online tracking system so customers can monitor their order’s journey through the warehouse.

In April and May, the amount of customer orders entering our warehouse was rapidly increasing. It meant that our storage space was just as quickly depleting. We desperately needed a way to supervise every order. Our new online tracking system means that your order is tracked from the moment it enters the warehouse, to being converted, edited, and finally parcelled back to you.

This system not only helped our customers with tracking the progress of their order; but also meant we could track the speed of our conversion rates and tackle what was slowing us down.

The size of our team has doubled!

One of our first issues we addressed was that we were clearly understaffed for the number of orders we needed to complete. From 2019, we have gone from a small workforce of 12 members to 25! With a record amount of Christmas temporary staff helping to make sure as many orders were completed in time as possible.

We are so grateful for not needing to furlough staff and it has been such a joy to see the workforce grow. Now we have double the number of birthdays to celebrate – which means double the amount of cake!

Automating our services to decrease waiting time:

At Digital Converters, we may specialise in analogue technology, but our technology is of the newest and highest spec for our industry. It is with great pride to say that we have adapted our programmes efficiently to meet the volume of work created this year.

In Dispatch, we have a fantastic new programme which automatically informs customers of their order arriving in the warehouse. It prints off the order number labels, order sheets and shipping labels proficiently and has saved us so much time when it comes to unpacking and repacking orders.

Meanwhile in Editing, we have created a highly efficient programme which has increased the number of edits in a day from 400 videos to 1500. An incredibly beneficial programme for increasing our processing speed of orders and improving the standard of videos customers receive back.

So, what can you expect from Digital Converters in 2021?

2020 has been an eye opener on how we, as a company, can improve our time efficiency with large volumes of orders.

Now with a new year in front of us, we are looking to improve our customer services and support. We have begun a new emailing service to keep our customers updated with offers and changes in our company. Personally, I recommend signing onto our mailing list to be the first to know of our new reward schemes. One of those being the Referral Scheme! Customer recommendations have always been an amazing compliment to receive, and we want to thank you for it!

At the end of this month, you can also look forward to the release of DC Gift Cards! A flexible and time efficient option for those who want to gift their loved ones with cherished memories.

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