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Migrate large cine film, videotape
and audio archives to digital

Outdated media archives are priceless, but are stuck in a medium which is deteriorating and difficult to access. As the time frame available to digitise film, videotape and audio media is ever-decreasing, now is the time to take action in safeguarding your content.

We specialise in providing custom archival solutions for migrating your library to digital. We then equip you with the tools on how to manage and access your digital assets effectively.

Advantages of Digitising now:

  • Prevent further damage from deterioration
  • Work with your content, without the requirement of physical access
  • Reduce storage and handling costs
  • Custom solutions, specific for your digitising requirements
  • Preserve your content for future generations

Our clients


Cine Film Archives

We scan cine film Frame-by-frame in 4K, which is an effective method for archiving cine film. Shrinkage, cracked or dirty film is no problem. Quality can be significantly improved through cleaning and capture through wet-gate technology.

Videotape Archives

U-matic, Betacam, Digibeta, VHS, MiniDV are just a few of the formats we support. Lossless captures with tape baking and cleaning available. Quality can be significantly improved through advanced noise reduction, deinterlacing and upscaling processes.

Audio Tape Archives

We also support many audio formats, including quarter-inch, DAT and optical media. Lossless captures in a variety of digital formats available.




We investigate the size, condition
and contents of the archive



Working with you, we develop a custom solution that fits your requirements.



The archive is then digitised to the specified formats



We then provide advice or solutions on how to manage your digital assets


75 Years Experience

We have digitised over 100,000 hours of outdated video and audio. With over 75 years of combined experience, our team is skilled at dealing with all problems that arise when dealing with old AV media.

Unique processing method

Our approach to converting has always been to integrate the latest technology into our workflow. This enables us to provide optimal quality at efficient costs.

Flexible File Formats

Based on your requirements, we can provide your files in one or more file formats. High compression formats such as. H264 are used for quick access and efficient file sizes, whereas lossless formats like JPEG 2000 are used to minimise quality loss.

Many Media Formats

We support the majority of professional and consumer video and audio formats.


If you have any questions or would like an assessment of your archive, please contact us