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Do I convert to DVD or MP4?

Do I convert to DVD or MP4?

What is MP4?

MP4 is the most common type of video file, which can be played back on most devices such as your computer, TV, phone or tablet. An MP4 file works like any other file and can be copied and pasted from one storage device to another. This means you can easily back up and create digital copies of your converted videos, as well as being able to edit them and share them online. We can provide MP4 files either on a memory stick or on the cloud.

Memory Stick and Online Download

We can provide MP4 files either on a memory stick, or hosted on the cloud, both of which contain exactly the same files. With memory stick you get back all your videos on one memory stick, which you can use your computer or TV. With online download we would upload all the video files to our cloud and share an access link by email.


You can play our DVD’s on DVD players or computer disc drives. The DVDs will automatically play when inserted into a DVD player. With videotape and VHS to DVD transfers we create one DVD per tape and with photo & cine film transfers we will provide many files on each disc. If a video tape is longer than 3 hours, we will split the video onto multiple DVDs at no additional cost. The main advantage of converting to DVD is that it is very easy to play.

Still Unsure?

If you struggle with technology and are familiar with playing DVD’s, then DVD is the format to convert to. If you want a future proof format that is far more flexible and secure then MP4 is the way to go. In most cases we highly recommend converting to MP4.