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With the consumption of digital media constantly progressing and changing, the thought of having your film photos digitised can feel daunting and obsolete. However, with the use of a professional scanning service, your photos can be revitalised, saved, and shared to your heart’s content.


In light of my grandparents passing away, my family were left with albums of photographs of weddings, family memories, and even historical records of the Second World War to distribute among themselves. A simple task, if it wasn’t for the sibling rivalry. What ensued was a year of sorting, sharing and left feeling bereft. You see, the issue with film photography is that each photo archives memories which everyone wants to remember. And, by having these memories encased in a singular physical copy erupts a whole new anxiety around the upkeep and loss of said memories. It was a simple solution to have these photos digitised. Professional photo digitising services offer an affordable solution to archiving old memories and keeping your film photographs staying stylish. Here are four more reasons to convert your photos, negatives, and slides to digital:


1. Revitalise your old photographs

It is difficult to avoid your photographs from losing their quality. Whether it be due to colour loss from sunlight; fingerprints and scratches from sharing your albums; or dirt and mould, there will always be signs of ageing. Luckily, by scanning photos into a computer (and with a little bit of editing) these marks can be undone. The best part is your photos will be saved at a higher resolution – allowing you to bask in the glory of your photography at a larger scale than before. Now, home scanning is an option for this – if you know what you are doing. But if you are wanting to achieve the best quality for your photos you will need a professional scanning service. These services will have the equipment and knowledge to clean, scan, and edit each image depending on the format of your photos.


2. Saved and future-proofed forever

By saving your film photos digitally, you can protect them from being lost permanently. No longer do you have to fear that your physical copies might be destroyed from a fire or lost in the abyss of your attic. By saving them on the cloud, you will always have a backup in case anything happens to the original. And, thankfully by using photo scanning services, you only have to pay a small one-time fee to keep them saved – as the company will pay the cloud subscription for you! Understandably, if you fear the future of cloud memory space, you can always save your photos on a memory stick or external hard drive. This is especially useful if you are wanting to reprint them because you can use memory sticks on photo printing machines found in supermarkets. Either way, you are insured that your photos will never be lost.


3. Photos are supposed to be shared!` current pandemic, sharing photographs in person is becoming more problematic by the day.

Yet, by having old memories digitised you can remember the better times with friends and family by sending photographs through messaging services or emailing. Instantly, you can both relish in what once was without the need of meeting up or a postal service. More to the point, you can keep in trend with the digital era and share your photographs with others through social media. With the current fad of nostalgia posts and #ThrowbackThursday you can now show off your authentic film photography skills with all your friends and family without the need of a filter or ‘Huji’ app.


4. Photo digitising is easy when using a photo scanning service

Even if you have equipment readily available, home scanning can be time consuming and stressful to ensure you get the quality that you want. Scanning negatives and slides need additional expensive equipment to guarantee quality. Whereas scanning loose photos can appear to be easy but the quality of printers and flatbed scanners can quickly be lost when editing. It is a common issue that photos appear to look over-edited and lose the original authenticity you were trying to capture.

With the use of professional services like Digital Converters, you can guarantee that your photos will be saved at the highest quality whilst keeping their authentic look. For a small cost, choosing to use a photo and slide scanning service saves you time and money in the long run. High resolution memory sticks and cloud links are included in the price of converting – and cloud links become cost effective within a couple of months. With equipment readily available, photographs can be converted into a digital format within a day of receiving them. Our advanced equipment allows for hundreds of photographs to be scanned and digitised quickly and with the help of our photo editors all your photos will be colour corrected and subtly adjusted without the hassle of doing it yourself. All you have to do is send them in!