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Your Guide To: Gift Vouchers with Digital Converters

Your Guide To: Gift Vouchers with Digital Converters

The newest addition to our services is the Gift Voucher — a great alternative for gifting the ones you loved with memories they choose to keep.

What is the Gift Voucher option?

At Digital Converters, we understand that many customers digitise their old media as gifts for their partner, family, or close friends.  Whether this is a wedding video for an anniversary, or digitising slide photos of your times at University for an old friend, our service caters for all types of nostalgia.

With our Gift Voucher service, we can offer our customers a flexible and time-stress free option for gifting. Since our service takes time to convert your media to high-quality digital files, you alleviate the time pressure of ensuring your newly digitised media is returned for a particular date by choosing the Gift Voucher option.

The Gift Card gives the recipient the control of what videos or photographs they would like to have digitised. This is especially useful if you are not sure what is on their old tapes. That way, you cannot be held responsible for presenting them television recordings from the ’90s!

How do the Gift Vouchers work?

You can find the Gift Vouchers on our website by following the link here. Once bought they are valid for a 12-month period.

The Gift Card begins at £20 and offers you the flexibility to choose the amount would like to gift. The base price offers your giftee the choice of 1 tape, a 3-inch reel, or 30 photographs to be digitised.

Once the amount is selected, you can choose to have your gift card beautifully packaged and sent to your chosen address or a free e-Voucher sent via email. The voucher will contain a unique gift code that can only be redeemed once through our online store.

How do I use my Gift Card on the website?

On the website, you can choose what media you would like to have digitised and to what output (DVD, USB or cloud download). Once selected head to the checkout to view your order summary. Before entering your payment method, copy your unique gift-code into the discount code section and click ‘Apply’.