T'is the season to be spooky! Some might even suggest, it is the season to horrify your children with embarrassing videos you have of them...

The sweets are out in full force in the office (much to my diet's dismay), and I can confidently say that we are digitising your videos on a full-blown sugar rush. But, thankfully, our hyper-team is not the reason why our cine to DVD service is becoming faster.

Our Updated Cine to DVD Service

It is a big month for our cine department. We have nearly doubled the number of cine scanners for recording your reels. With that, our cine team are busy learning how to grow an extra pair of arms to help juggle the surge of recordings.

At Digital Converters, we understand that every customer wants a speedy return of their order. However, to convert your videos and cine reels, we can only record your videos in real-time. So, to help speed up the process, we have bought more scanners hoping that we can double the number of recordings we do in a day. You can find out more about our cine to DVD service by visiting our convert cine page.

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