Video 8 and Hi8 to DVD or Digital Service

We can convert any home video tape and camcorder tape format to DVD or digital.

Video 8 and Hi8 to DVD or Digital Service

We can convert any home video tape and camcorder tape format to DVD or digital.

How it works

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Arrange collection or post
your media to us



We digitise it to the formats
of your choice



We return your digital media,
along with your originals

Service Features

See what you get when you use us

Blank tapes are included for free

Free blanks

You’ll be pleased to know, we never charge for blank video tapes.

Bulk discounts are applied to orders of 5 or more video tapes

Bulk discounts

Based on the quantity of your order, we offer discounts up to 25% off. (Starting from 5 or more video tapes)

illustration of a box that indicates free returns

Free Return

We'll return your digital copies along with your originals with Royal Mail Tracked.

We use professional VCR decks to transfer your tapes

Pro Equipment

We only use the best equipment to convert your media.

Free repairs included in the video transfer service

Free Repairs

Our technicians can repair most problems that occur with old media.

A clock illustrating real time service updates

Real time updates

We update you when your order arrives and when your order is dispatched.

We support all consumer and studio formats including transfers of:


The Hi8 camcorder tape succeeded the Video8 and was very popular in the consumer camcorder tape market. Click to order.


The Video8 camcorder tape was very popular in the mid 1980’s, and was used mostly for home videos. Click to order!


Released in 1999, the Digital8 camcorder tape used existing 8mm technology with the introduction of a digital signal. Click to order.


Released in 1975, the VHS tape was the first analogue tape for home use. The Era of the VHS has long since ended, and it’s becoming more and more important to transfer your old home videos to dvd or digital.


The VHS-C is the compact version of the VHS and was the first camcorder tape format to be released. You could play these in a VCR using a video tape adaptor.


MiniDV’s are one of the most recent camcorder tape formats capable of recording in a higher resolution than older analogue tape formats. Click to order!


The Betamax tape was a less popular competitor of the VHS tape, but there are still many lying around in people’s attics and cupboards waiting to be transferred to digital.


The MicroMV was a short lived camcorder tape format that wasn’t very popular, with the DVD taking over as the most popular video storage media.

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Convert Video 8 and Hi8 to DVD or Digital

Do you have old video tapes that you want to preserve digitally? Our tape conversion service provides industry-leading transfers of camcorder tapes and video tapes to DVD or digital.

Whether you’re looking to preserve your home movies or are seeking a broadcast grade transfer, we’ve got you covered.

Which Digital Format Is Right For You?

Transferring video tapes to DVD

Tapes to DVD

We convert each tape onto a single DVD, which ensures maximum transfer quality. The titles from the tapes or provided list are printed on the surface. Works in any DVD player or disc drive.

Transferring Video tape to MP4

Tapes to USB

We convert your tapes to digital and supply them on a single memory stick, which you can use on Windows, Mac and most modern televisions.

Transferring video tapes to cloud

Tapes to Cloud

We convert your tapes to digital and upload them to the cloud. An access link is sent to you by email which allows you to stream and download your videos.

How We Work

We understand that your tapes are irreplaceable, so we have designed our service around ensuring the safe transfer and return of your media. We have two methods of getting your tapes to us, we can arrange courier collection or you can post them to us yourself. Once your tapes have been converted we keep backups for 30 days after the order has been completed and return your originals along with your digital media via a tracked postage service.

Your videos are played back and digitally captured with the best equipment. Our technicians carefully monitor each transfer for optimal video quality and convert it to the digital media of your choice. In this form, your videos are easy to view, store and share.