Photo Scanning Service

We can scan your old 35mm slides and photos to digital.

Photo Scanning Service

We can scan your old 35mm slides and photos to digital.

How it works

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Arrange collection or post
your media to us



We digitise it to the formats
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We return your digital media,
along with your originals

Service Features

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illustration of a box that indicates free returns

Free Returns

We'll return your digital copies along with your originals with Royal Mail Tracked.

Bulk discounts are applied to orders of 5 or more video tapes

Bulk discounts

Based on the quantity of your order, we offer discounts up to 25% off.

Free repairs included in the video transfer service

Free Repairs

Our technicians can repair most problems that occur with old media.

We use professional VCR decks to transfer your tapes

Pro Equipment

We only use the best equipment to convert your media.

In-house conversion

Every order is transferred on-site at our premises in North Yorkshire.

A clock illustrating real time service updates

Real time updates

We update you when your order arrives and when your order is dispatched.

Scan Photos, Negatives and Slides to Digital

Do you have old photos, 35mm slides or negatives that you want to scan to digital? Our photo scanning service provides a simple solution for transferring your old slides and photos to high quality digital file formats which you can download, or choose to receive on a memory stick or DVD. As photos age, their condition deteriorates over time. In digital form, these photos can easily be viewed, shared, backed up and reprinted, without the concern of degradation.

Photo Scanning

High quality scans of loose photos (without blu tack, sellotape or damage) or irregular, damaged or photos with sticky backs. We scan photos in 600 DPI resolution, which is perfect for archiving or reprinting.

Example of 600 DPI scan

Black and white photo of a Dad on a vesper
Black and white photo of a Dad on a vesper

Example of 600 DPI scan

Slide Scanning

These tiny images contain a vast amount of information, which is why we scan all 35mm slides in 4000 DPI so that the images upscale beautifully.

Example of 4000 DPI scan

35mm slide scanned, of a ruined building along the coast
35mm slide scanned, of a ruined building along the coast

Example of 4000 DPI scan

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Which Digital Format Is Right For You?

35mm slides transferred to cloud

Cloud Download

Your photos are uploaded to our secure cloud storage, which you can use to view and download on your computer, tablet or phone.

35mm slides transferred to USB

Memory Sticks

All of your slides and old photos can be provided on a memory stick, which you can use in any computer or television with a USB slot. Easily transfer and make copies of your photos.

35mm slides being transferred to DVD


Your photos are burned to a data disc, which can be used to view your photos on your DVD player or disc drives.

How We Work

We understand that your tapes are irreplaceable, so we have designed our service around ensuring the safe transfer and return of your media. We have two methods of getting your tapes to us, we can arrange courier collection or you can post them to us yourself. Once your tapes have been converted we keep backups for 30 days after the order has been completed and return your originals along with your digital media via a tracked postage service.

Your videos are played back and digitally captured with the best equipment. Our technicians carefully monitor each transfer for optimal video quality and convert it to the digital media of your choice. In this form, your videos are easy to view, store and share.


How can I convert my photos to digital?

Look into using a professional digitisation service

We can get around the costly and laborious task of digitising your photos at home. Whether you have photos, slides or negatives, we can help digitise and restore your photos to their original quality

How do I convert negatives to digital photos?

The easiest way to do this is with a photo scanning service. Digital Converters can easily transfer your negatives to digital photos without the need for developing. This process is quick, easy and generally a more cost-effective solution for digitising your negatives

How do I transfer old slides to digital?

Use a photo scanning service. Whether you have old slides, photos or negatives, we can quickly digitise your photos for a reasonable price with a speedy turnaround. This also makes a great gift.

How do I transfer 35mm slides to my computer?

You can use either a flatbed scanner or slide scanner to do this. However, the easiest way would be to use a photo scanning service. We can scan all slide formats, and on top of this will individually restore and colour correct your photos. With reasonable prices and a quick turnaround you can make easy work of a difficult process.

How much does it cost to scan photos?

Our photo scanning prices start from £0.30 per photo, with bulk discounts for larger orders the price per photo would be £0.18

How much does it cost to transfer slides to DVD?

Our prices range from £0.40 to £0.24 per slide, depending on the total quantity of slides you send in to be digitised

How much does it cost to scan negatives?

Our negative scanning prices start from £0.70 per frame, with bulk discounts for larger orders brining the price per frame to £0.42.

What is the best photo scanning service?

Digital Converters are one of the many established online photo scanning services. We have worked with thousands of families around the UK to safely and securely preserve your photo archives digitally.

What is the best way to digitize 35mm slides?

You should look into using a professional scanning service. Digital Converters provide a quick, cost-effective service to digitise all kinds of slide formats, as well as photos and negatives.

Can old negatives still be developed?

There are many services that can develop negatives, however this can become a costly process as the demand for photo development has dropped in recent years. An alternative way to preserve negatives is to scan them and digitally restore the photos. We can provide this service as a more cost-effective solution to preserve your photos.

Can you digitize negatives?

Negatives can be digitised but require specialist equipment to scan and convert into positives. The easiest way to preserve negatives is to have them professionally digitised. Alternatively, it is possible to digitise negatives at home but will require some technical knowledge and equipment to ensure it is done correctly.